Native English / German / Spanish / French / Russian Teacher

by agreement | Part-time | Mlynské nivy 48, 821 09 Bratislava, Slovenská republika

Who are we looking for?

LinGuru, s.r.o. is looking to recruit dynamic, committed teachers for our new, exciting and unique school.

We are looking for teachers who combine good language awareness and teaching skills with the ability to develop good rapport with their students and make their learning experience an enjoyable one.

Job’s offered to native English and/or German  speakers with language teaching credentials and experience.

The ideal candidate will:

  • have an excellent command of English and/or German and know their subject inside out
  • have a passion and dedication for teaching language
  • have the ability to teach enjoyable and challenging lessons
  • be creative and open to teaching innovation
  • be able to motivate students to reach their full potential
  • be well organised, reliable and able to work independently
  • have a good rapport building skills with clients

In response, the successful candidate will benefit from:

  • working alongside a small team of enthusiastic and committed teachers in a very friendly environment
  • competitive rates of pay
  • flexible working time
  • freedom in organizing creative or practical classes
  • in-house training and support
  • an innovative company culture
  • playing an integral role in building a highly popular and well-regarded school

Who are we?

LinGuru is a small and friendly language school that offers various services to individual and corporate clients of all age groups.

We aim to provide a fun, dynamic environment with a strong focus on high quality teaching, in small groups (maximum 6 students per class) where students are encouraged to actively participate.

Our classes place a great emphasis on conversational skills as we believe that such skills play a major role in overcoming hindering factors of comfortable communication in a foreign language.

Our guiding principle is “our customer – our master“; our courses therefore adapt to the needs of the client, not the other way round.

We pride ourselves in having created a supportive and friendly place to learn and teach.

As an unconventional and innovative school we encourage our employees to freely express their talents, embrace creativity and have fun teaching.

Our philosophy

We try to increase people’s freedom by enlarging the scope of their possibilities. Whether it be travelling abroad and being able to communicate freely, reading foreign literature or watching a foreign movie without subtitles – a command of a foreign language can greatly enhance our day to day experience of the world.

Not being constrained by the boundaries of a language can provide people with a greater sense of freedom – and this is the goal we find worth pursuing.

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